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Collection Defense in Mesa

What is FDCPA?

As individuals strive to clear their debts, they are sometimes threatened by debt collection agencies and other more aggressive debt buyers that buy debt from the original creditor to make a profit. Often, these debt collectors fail to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) , which regulates the methods for collecting debt to protect consumers from abuse. Effective legal representation can protect victims of debt collection harassment and abuse, while also fighting debt collector lawsuit s against you.

Do you need legal defense against debt collectors?

There are various collection defenses that can be used to protect debtors' rights; one of which is the default judgment:

  • An individual is wrongly summoned or sued for a debt
  • Debt collection attorney attempts to get a judgment against a debtor without the debtor's knowledge
  • Debt collection attorney falsely claims to have properly served a summon or complaint

The most common collection defense remains the violation of the FDCPA, which can include the following:

  • Using threats and harassment to receive payment for debt (suing, imprisonment)
  • Using more than on debt collection agency to pursue payment for one same debt
  • Using aggressive and profane language to intimidate debtor to pay
  • Calling the debtor before 8am or after 9pm to collect debt
  • Contacting the debtor even after requested not too with a formal letter
  • Contacting the debtor after being notified that the debtor secured legal representation
  • Failing to respect the debt notification guidelines laid out by the FDCPA
  • Allotting payment of debt on debt being disputed
  • Charging additional late fees, collection fees or interest to debt
  • Making false statements or misleading the debtor to receive payments

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

If you are being sued by a debt collector, debt buyer or creditor, it is strongly advised to seek the firm's knowledge and legal support. The firm is capable of not only stopping the abuse but also finding alternatives to bankruptcy, minimizing debt amounts and obtaining compensation for damages. At Price Law Group, they have over 20 years of experience with debt collection defense litigation. The firm's reputation for protecting the rights of consumers in debt facing debt collecting agency abuses and lawsuits is well established in the state of Arizona. The firm's ability to devise the right strategy that best suits the needs of the client can help protect the client's rights and avoid additional financial hardship.

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